Service Virtualization

Service Virtualization

Service Virtualization-why

Service Virtualization

Application and data simulation software that enables development and testing teams to simulate a service’s behavior without impacting delivery regardless of access to production systems.

Key Features

Design Studio

Easily create simulations of application behavior. With application virtualization solutions you can keep to your development and testing schedule even when you can’t develop or test the real versions of applications, dependent systems, and services.

Wizard-Built Models

Model the functional network and performance behavior of your virtual services by using step-by-step wizards. No need for expert developers or coding to create virtual versions of services that behave just as they would in production.

Support for Multiple Technologies

Virtualize what matters: Create simulations incorporating a wide array of message formats, transport types, and even ERP application protocols to test everything from the latest web service to a legacy system.

Dynamic Changes

Modify data, network, and performance models easily. You don’t need to reprogram to accommodate changes in test conditions and performance needs.

Web-Based Management Interface

Manage from anywhere with support for user roles, profiles, and access control lists. Publish virtual versions of real application components and services on a shareable platform for use across teams.

Integration into HPE Testing Solutions

Easily configure and use virtual services in your daily testing practices. Service Virtualization features fully integrate into LoadRunner, Performance Center, ALM, and Unified Functional Testing.

  • Manage your virtual services with easy updates on who is using each one, when it is being used, and its service health by using an intuitive web dashboard.

  • Record (learn) a simulation easily in the Service Virtualization Designer (IDE) and then apply modeling parameters to the virtual service behavior for performance and data model.

  • With HPE application virtualization solutions you can model network as well as app performance by integrating Network Virtualization with Service Virtualization.

  • Virtualize performance of batch processing transactions to help you test ERP applications.


Manage your virtual services with easy updates on who is using each one, when it is being used, and its service health by using an intuitive web dashboard.

HPE Service Virtualization Datasheet

Easily create realistic simulations of service behavior so you can stay on schedule even when dependent application components or systems aren’t available. Read how simulation software lets you focus on service quality and not on service constraints.

(PDF 343 KB)

Transform to a Hybrid Infrastructure

T-Mobile USA leverages performance engineering solutions and lifecycle virtualization solutions such as network and service virtualization to enable DevOps.

(PDF 132 KB)

Voke Report: Fewer Defects. Reduced Software Cycles.

See how companies of all types use service virtualization and the benefits that they experienced in this Service Virtualization Market Snapshot Report by voke Research.

(PDF 542KB)

NEW - HPE Service Virtualization Community Edition!

Take it out for a spin. This free data simulation software allows you to create multiple virtual services, incorporate performance and network models, for more realistic application simulation and testing.

Service Virtualization

Implementation, Practices, and Trends for On-Demand Test Environments


Analyst Report

2015 Service Virtualization Market Snapshot™ REPORT: By voke Research

(PDF 542KB)


Service Virtualization brings speed benefit and lower costs to TTNET applications testing

Web event

Transform App Delivery

White paper

Composite applications: Break the delivery logjam with HPE Service Virtualization

(PDF 388KB )


Service Virtualization solves bottlenecks amid complex billing process for German Telco

Analyst Report

Get a Custom Network Virtualization Analysis Report Now


Service Virtualization Help Center


10 challenges with app performance

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